What is catch-up growth?
What is refeeding syndrome?
Is it difficult for children to catch up with high calorific/protein rich foods in the initial stages?
Is it important to consult a paediatrician or a nutritionist in the initial stages for severely malnourished child?
What are the common lab tests that one can do to ascertain dietary deficiencies?
What is the best way to accelerate/ facilitate growth?
What are the invisible boosters of protein and micronutrients that can be added to meals?
What are the probable causes for undernutrition in some adopted children?
What are the common nutritional deficiencies during this transition and how to overcome them?
What are the first signs of nutritional deficiencies?
What is the best infant formula available in India? How nutritious are the commercially available formula?
How to select baby formula?
How best to prepare formula food?
What are some easy homemade nutritious foods?
What is iron deficiency anaemia?
What are the medical lines for managing nutritional deficiencies?
How do I know if my child is allergic to certain foods?
How do I know if my child is lactose intolerant?
What is PICA and what does it signify?
What is the treatment for PICA? Can this be reversed?
How do I as a parent deal with a child with PICA?


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