Prospective parents

“Padme was our first step towards losing all the anxiety and getting answers to all the questions we had about adoption. Being with the community and a support group helps a lot. We need more adoption workshops and such efforts.”

“My husband and I are toying with the idea of adoption and reached out to Padme for counselling and guidance. We found the session extremely useful. We really liked the approach on encouraging us to introspect, rather than only providing views and opinions. We look forward to working with Padme, more often in our journey.”

“The session was very productive. I felt clear and better after the meeting.” Thank you for the precious time spent with us.
– Saranya Manickam

“Padme team has created this amazing platform where we as prospective adoptive parents got together without any inhibitions, fear of being judged and discuss our concerns which may discourage us from taking this beautiful step in our life. I have a birth child, and want to adopt my second one. This workshop helped me understand that I am not doing anything unusual, and it is not that much a big deal and people make out of it. Thank you and I hope to participate in it again!”
– M. Kejriwal

Parents and Grandparents

“Thank you, Padme for creating a non-judgmental space to share ideas around disclosure for kids. I found the session informative and the groups safe and supportive. I request you to take more such sessions that relevant to parents.”

“A lot of my anxiety about disclosure has lessened. I feel a lot more confident. Thank you Aloma and Gayatri!”

“Thank you, Padme, for helping us bring our baby girl home. We first met with you when we attended a very helpful pre-adoption counselling session that helped us in our discussion with family. It has now been a few months, and both sets of grandparents dote on her completely. Even thought they started the process off with some reservation. We were also very grateful for your guidance and assurances when we had to take a decision on our referrals – those were some harrowing times! We then turned to you again for very timely advice at the time of obtaining the birth certificate. You’ve been a real pillar of support whenever we run into a situation, we aren’t prepared for, and we hope to continue to count on you as our baby grows up! Here’s wishing your team all the best.”
– Shreya Rao

Single Parent Adoption – Counselling

“The sessions were very useful. It helped me make an informed decision and understand adoption better. I definitely was satisfied with my experience. Thank you so much for it.”
– Reshma Das


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