How does one go about adopting?
What is CARA?
Who can adopt a child?
What is the adopted children category?
What is the age criteria / eligibility for prospective adoptive parents to apply for children in different age groups?
What are the requirements for inter-country adoptions?
What’s the age group of children available for adoption?
How long does it take to adopt a child?
How much does it cost to adopt a child?
I am single. Can I adopt? What is the procedure?
What is the age criteria set by CARA?
Are non-resident Indian treated on a par with Indians living in India in terms of priority for adoption?
What is the registration process?
What is the procedure for conducting a home study outside India?
How many referrals are forwarded to the prospective adoptive parents?
Can both referrals be reserved? What is the time allotted to confirm the referrals?
Will preferences given by the prospective adoptive parents on adopting a child be considered?
What is the procedure in case the prospective adoptive parents are not happy with either of the referrals?
Can the prospective adoptive parents visit the SAA to see the child prior to accepting him or her?
Can the prospective parents review the child with a medical practitioner of their choice?
Are documents in a language other than English acceptable?
What is a no-objection certificate?
When can prospective adoptive parents take a child into custody?
When does the specialised adoption agency award the final custody of the child?
What is the legal procedure?
Can the specialised adoption agency represent the prospective adoptive parents who are unavailable to appear for the paper work?

Procedure for Passport, Visa, Immigration, Conformity and Birth certificates

What is the time taken to get a conformity certificate?
Who intimates the immigration authorities, the concerned foreign registration office about the adoption?
How can one obtain a passport for the adopted child?
How much time does it take to obtain a birth certificate?
Can the adopted child be given the Overseas Citizen of India card?
What is the time given to take an adopted child from India?

Follow-up progress of adopted child by Non-Resident Indian, Overseas Citizens of India and Foreign Prospective Adoptive Parents

What is the procedure for the follow-up report of an adopted child by a Non- Resident Indian, Overseas Citizen of India and foreign prospective adoptive parents?
What if the child or the prospective adoptive parents have adjustment problems and any disruption is caused?

Adoption by Overseas Citizen of India or foreign national from Hague Adoption Convention ratified countries living in India

Can an Overseas Citizen of India or foreign national adopt from India?
How long are the prospective adoptive parents given to confirm the referral suggested by CARA?
Who prepares the home study report and uploads the progress report of the child?
What is the procedure for preparing a follow-up report on an adopted child?
What happens if there is disruption in the adoption?
Can the prospective adoptive parents procure a citizenship for the adopted child?
Why is an overseas citizen of India or foreign national required to give an affidavit?
What is the procedure if an overseas citizen of India or a foreign national moves out of India prior to the two-year period?

Adoption procedure for Overseas Citizen of India or foreign national of Hague Adoption Convention-ratified countries living in India

Do adoption regulations remain the same if one of the prospective parents is an Indian and the other a foreigner?
What if both prospective adoptive parents are foreigners?

Procedure for Indian citizens adopting a child from a foreign country

What are the procedure and regulations for Indian citizens adopting a child from a foreign country?
What is the procedure for applying for a visa for an adopted child to enter India?
How does immigration work in the case of a child adopted from outside India?
What If there are adjustment issues between the adoptee and the adoptive parents?
What if there is disruption in the adoption?
What is an undertaking letter?
What is the procedure for adopting children from India if the prospective adoptive Indian parents live in countries which are not a signatory to Hague Adoption Convention?
Do adoptees have the legal right to root search? What is the procedure?
Are the adoption records kept confidential?
Are donations legal and accepted by agencies?
What is an All-India Queue?
What is the Three States Queue?
Can a couple with three or more children adopt?


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