Supreme Court Denies Adoption Rights to Queer Couples  | SoSouth

Complex Laws, Bureaucratic Tangles Makes Adoption A Long Painful Journey for Indians

‘Adoption within a family which has biological kids is a wonderful thing’ – Times of India 12/05/2021

3000 plus couples waiting, but only 100 kids up for adoption

The Abandoned: No Shelter for Orphans

Adoption in India is a challenge. The pandemic made it a nightmare

Fewer Takers for kids with special needs

Walking parents through adoption

The Returned

Few Parents Recognize Post‑Adoption Depression; Fewer Know Where to Get Support

Heart Mothers: Adoption And Maternal Mental Health

Adoption, doing it the right way

Chennaiites adapt to changing times by adopting the future

Business Standard

Adopting a child in India remains a tortuous affair, despite digitisation (subscription required)

The News Minute

Adopting a child with special needs: How a change in attitude can transform lives


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