Dr. Saras Bhaskar

Dr. Saras Bhaskar’s  specialization include infertility and adoption counselling.  Mrs. Saras Bhaskar is specialized in various facets of adoption counselling. She along with her husband has first hand experience of enjoying parenthood with their daughter (now 27 years) who was adopted when she was 3 months old.

Besides Mrs. Bhaskar’s experiential knowledge, her academic and technical skills in understanding the adoption process can prepare the parents for the arrival of their child. She is an expert in identifying the difference between adoption related issues versus general parenting issues. For the last fifteen years, she has been giving guidance and counseling for adoptive parents.

Dr. Saras Bhaskar has worked with adoption agencies prior to “CARA” procedure with regards to submitting a report on the “Psychological readiness for parenthood” of prospective couples. She is proficient in sensitizing adoptive parents on “Disclosure” of when, who and how methods.

She diligently works with older children with their assimilation to the new environment She is much sought after for counselling teenagers. Her vision to empower counseling professionals in the field of psychology gave birth to Chennai Counselors’ Foundation. Started in 2004, CCF provides a platform for counseling professionals to share knowledge, expertise, provide cross-referrals and train for growth and advancement.  

Academic Qualifications

  • Submitted  her PhD thesis  (2019) awaiting viva voce from the University of Madras, Chennai.
  • As a research scholar was associated with University of Utrecht, Nederland
  • Master of Art in Human Services, Counseling & HRM, St. Edwards University, Austin Texas
  • Master of Arts in Applied Psychology, SIET College for Women, Chennai Tamil

Journal publications relating to adoption

  • Saraswathi Bhaskar, “Childlessness, Parenthood and Psychological well being”, Recent Advances in Psychology, vol 4 (2), 2017
  • Saraswathi Bhaskar, Rene Hokhbergen, Anneloes van Baar, Arun Tipandjan and Jan ter Laak, “Life experiences and quality of life of involuntarily childless men in treatment and adoptive fathers“, Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 2014
  • Saraswathi Bhaskar, Rene Hoksbergen, Anneloes van Baar, Subasini Mothiram and Jan ter Laak, “Adoption in India – the Past, Present and the Future trends”, Journal of Psychosocial Research, vol 7 No. 2 (July-December) 2012.

To get in touch with Mrs. Saras Bhaskar, please mail adoptpadme@gmail.com

Gayatri Abraham

Mental Health Professional

Having completed her M.A. in Anthroplogy, an (M.Sc. in Family Therapy and Counselling), and completing specialized courses in Parivarthan, a Counselling, Training and Research Centre  such as, Basic Skills in Counselling, Couple and Family Counselling, and Child and Adolescent Therapy, Gayatri Abraham is a counsellor who uses different therapeutic models and modalities such as EFT, CBT, inner child healing, and mindfulness techniques, and has specific interests in trauma-informed approaches. She works with individuals and couples in the areas of decision-making, relationship concerns, grief and loss, trauma, depression and anxiety management.

Bringing in life experience along with skills and expertise, her technique is eclectic and she believes that every individual has the potential to access their inner world, and has abilities to navigate their life situations and make informed choices.

Gayatri’s approach is through an anthropological lens and focuses on human diversity and the application of that knowledge to help people of different backgrounds and family systems. She recognises the importance of emotional nuances as a core of an individual’s experiences and emphasises safety and connections in relationships, which can be a channel for growth and development.

Starting her career in 1993, Gayatri Abraham has built her expertise across various industries in the corporate sector, such as hospitality, lifestyle, public relations. Later she branched out, following her passion, and started and continues to run Padme an NGO in the adoption space, which she manages along with her role as a counsellor.

The NGO supports and helps couples and individuals navigate through the adoption journey – from dealing with infertility and loss, to preparing them to make an informed decision on adoption as an alternative route to expanding families.

She is an avid reader and nature/wildlife buff. For her, self-healing begins when one is attuned to nature within and outside of oneself.

She offers counselling in English and Tamil

  • Interpersonal Communication and listening skills (3 Month program)
  • BSIC: Certification program on basic skills in counselling (One Year program)
  • Couple and Family Counselling  (Basic and Advanced) 2021 & 2023
  • Child and Adolescent Counselling –  2023 
  • Trauma Informed Care Workshops

Educational Qualification

  • MSc. Counselling in Family Therapy   
  • M.A. Anthropolgy
  • B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics


Pinky Chakraborty

Pinky is a certified counsellor, in the space of individual, couple and queer affirmative counselling. She promotes integrated approach in her counselling and uses various methods to create a therapeutic space for the clients to explore and navigate through their concerns an unlock spaces of resolution. Pink provides sessions in Hindi, English and Kannada.

With prior experience of 5 years in the education industry, pinky began her journey in counselling after completing basic skills in counselling program with Parivarthan 2019. post which she completed her advance training in child and Adolescent Counselling  and Couples and Family Counselling.

Sabita Erady

Sabita has a BA in Psychology from Amravati University and is a certified Counsellor practicing since 2019. Sabita has experience working with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship challenges and adjustment/life changes and has experience collaborating with professionals on multidisciplinary teams in a variety of settings and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. A wealth of life experience provides her with an ability to understand common patterns which affect most people in their journeys. Her goal is to serve and truly make a difference as she journeys and assist in the navigation of life challenges for her clients which facilitates a sense of wholeness for themselves and in their relationships. On this path, she have equipped herself with skills, training, and additional certifications in Child

Dr. Aloma Lobo

Dr. Aloma Lobo worked with St. Johns, and World Health Organization.

She was the chairperson of the ACA (Adoption Coordinating Agency) and as the former chairperson of CARA. Dr. Aloma Lobo has worked in the field of Adoption for 30 years. (Central Adoption Resource Authority)

Dr. Aloma Lobo, will be extending her expertise in mentoring prospective and adoptive parents.

To get in touch with Dr. Aloma Lobo, please mail adoptpadme@gmail.com


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