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There is dearth of relevant data in India in the adoption ecosystem. We need to have proper governance of data and statistics and use it intelligently to arrive at better policies and framework in the adoption system. It does brings us to the point that law and policy makers seem to be operating at an immeasurable distance from the ground reality of the children who are waiting for families and for parents awaiting their chance to expand their family through adoption.

One needs to bring in all stakeholders involved in adoption , who can sensitize policy makers to the needs of parents and children so that a truly child  and parent centered policies and programs can be formulated.

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Research articles by Sahana Mitra

Sahana Mitra is a Developmental Psychologist by education and has several years of graduate and post graduate teaching experience in several Indian colleges. Her areas of interest have been child and family psychology particularly adoptive families on which her doctoral dissertation was also based. She has also researched in the area of self awareness. Currently, she involved in writing few comparative cross-cultural research works on India-Ireland adoption system with Prof Valerie OBrien, UCD, Ireland.

Information about Sahana Mitra

Information about the Researcher

2009 The Child-rearing Attitude of Foster and Biological Mothers (Sahana Mitra)

2015 Search n Reunion (Sahana Mitra)

2015 Adoptive Family-A puzzle and a masterpiece

2016 Talking about Adoption (Sahana Mitra)

2018 Perception of time across Indian and Irish Adoptive Parents

2018 Non-family domestic adoptions in India (Sahana Mitra)

2018 Infertility, Loss _ Adoption-An Indian Experience (Sahana Mitra)


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