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Dr. Aloma Lobo worked with St. Johns, and World Health Organization. She was the chairperson of the ACA (Adoption Coordinating Agency) and as the former chairperson of CARA. Dr. Aloma Lobo has worked in the field of Adoption for 30 years. (Central Adoption Resource Authority)

Dr. Aloma Lobo, will be extending her expertise in counselling prospective and adoptive parents.

To get in touch with Dr. Aloma Lobo, please mail adoptpadme@gmail.com

Smriti Gupta

Smriti Gupta is an adoption activist who is working to raise the profile of adoption in India and to improve the adoption ecosystem so more and more children find their loving homes.

She is an adoptive mother of two daughters and a champion for adoption of children with special needs, older children, and siblings, who form the largest pool of children available for adoption. Previously, she led partnerships and marketing for technology companies such as Wikimedia Foundation and PayPal. Smriti is also an adoption counsellor and blogs about adoption.

To get in touch with Smriti Gupta, please mail adoptpadme@gmail.com



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