Role of paediatrician is vital in the physical and emotional well-being of a child that sets them, on the path to becoming a contributing individual in the society, since the first point of contact (and source of assurance/confidence) is the paediatrician when the child is brought for the medical check. This becomes a continuous relationship between the paediatrician and the parent. Also, the medical community can offer and help adoptive and prospective parents to dispel myths and any medical concerns on adoption.

The care and the attention becomes more critical especially for adoptive children in the initial years of development – sometimes due to lack of care in the adoption home, or during the gestational period and post- natal care. Paediatricians, developing a more child centric approach with compassion and empathy towards the parents would be helpful to the adoptive or prospective parents due to the large unknown and variables in the initial journey of adoption.


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