Thinking of expanding a family entails a lot of thought and consideration; the immediate and extended families in India continue to influence young couples in their decision-making process. When adoption becomes the option, one needs to be mindful of not being influenced by social conditioning/biases and the general preparedness of parents in taking on the responsibility.With adoption, this varies from person to person and it depends on many factors, including social, economic and familial circumstances.

Prior to making the decision on adoption, it would be ideal if you can attend a counseling session. The reasons for adoption need to be evaluated prior to making a well informed decision.

 Adoption Process

  First step:

  • Register with CARINGS : Upload the soft copies of ID proof, marriage certificate, proof of residence, family photograph and medical certificate
  • CARA will mail you a registration number
  • The agency that you have selected will then get in touch for a home study report
  • Home study report will be uploaded on CARINGS

   Second Step:

  • Prospective adoptive parents depending on the choice, preference and eligibility are referred a profile of legally free children available in CARINGS
  • PAP’s will have to reserve a child within 48 hours
  • Set up an appointment with the agency (within 20 days of accepting according to 2017 adoption guidelines).
  • Check the documents required to be carried along with the agency. This is the standard list however some agencies ask for additional documents.
  • Confirm if the documents have to be notarized/attested.
    Ask the agency how it accepts the CARA prescribed fee – DD or Cheque.
  • Meet the child’s caretaker and get as much information as you can. Learn about the child’s routine, likes/dislikes if any.
  • Filing of the petition by SAA with PAP’s as co petitioner in designated court within 10 days of acceptance.
  • PAP’s can then sign the foster care agreement and bring the child home (Pre-adoption foster care agreement) CSR and MER
  • Submit documents for filing petition in the court. The agency will usually assign a lawyer for this purpose.
  • Court day to by disposing the case within 60 days of filing after in camera hearing by designated court.

     Post adoption follow up:

  • Application and issuance of the Birth certificate of the child within 8 working days
  • Post adoption follow up till 2 years from the date of placement with the adoptive family

            (Once every 6 months, twice a year)

Note: The whole adoption process can take anytime between 4 months to two years from the time of registering with CARA depending on various parameters


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