Dr. Alomo Lobo: Adoption Expert

Do you think the orphanages and adoption agencies have enough funds and resources to take care  of the children?

The agencies are always in need of funds in order to give the children quality care…. and more so now. But they will, I am sure do their best even though it is possible that their child care staff may be reduced.

Have there been any distress calls from prospective parents, because they are concerned about the child’s safety in those homes (orphanages)?

I have not received any distress calls…. just concerned queries.

Is there any advice you would like to share with the parents who are yet to bring their child home, as it’s been delayed due to the global pandemic?

All that I can say is, ‘This too shall pass and soon your child will be home with you. Spend time together as a family . This time now is precious’.

Do you think the pandemic might change other aspects of the adoption process?

With travel restrictions and general concern with social contact the dynamics will change for a few months at least. The ‘unknown’ is so vast that it is difficult for me to venture an answer to this.

How do you think the pandemic will alter the time frame for adopting the child, and how do you think parents should deal with this time?

The time frame will definitely be delayed because no travel is permitted even if a referral is made. Parents will have to wait in the interest of their safety and that of the child and the people in the agency .


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