Dr. Seema Tyagi – GrandMother

I am asked  to write about our experience of being grandparents to that integral part of our lives – our little granddaughter,  Anaaira Tyagi Sharma.  

Anaaira is our whole world, our universe, our sparkling horizon, and our destiny. How does one put all of that into 2-3 paragraphs of words?

 March 25, 2017 was the day our lives changed forever. When the 13 month old little munchkin was handed into our arms at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. 

A confused, big-eyed, furrowed brow and a helpless little baby someone somewhere had abandoned . And she was ours! To have and to hold. For ever and a day. And we were catapulted into a vortex of emotions we none of us thought we held inside us.

Grandmom. I was a Naani. And strangely- from Day 1, Anaaira knew her place in our world. The day she curled her little fingers around mine with faith and belief in my love for her,sighed with contentment in my arms, looked at us with her big wondering trusting eyes, our relationship was cemented for my whole life.  I watched her grow and bloom- confident of her importance in our lives. As she began to speak- her first “Naa-ni”  was like music to my ears. She became home for me, and I for her. 

We have watched her grow and evolve into a sensitive, articulate, emotive child– and are so proud of our children who are bringing her up as every parent should. With trust, empathy, unconditional love, friendship and belonging. Today she is a 3 -and -a -half year old little rockstar- who is the pivot of all our lives. Filling our home, our lives with happiness every day. She has brought a fresh new dimension to our existence and is the sunshine of our world. 

Dr.  Seema Tyagi

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  1. Dr Seema Tyagi 5 years ago

    It was my pleasure on many counts. To recount the beautiful journey of being catapulted into grannyhood..
    To have experienced the magic of the journey.
    And to have our baby fall into our laps, and fill our lives with her love ❤️

    Thank you Gayatri 🌹

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